Monday, June 07, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

Four years until the big 3-0. Yawzier!

I can't believe that I am now one year closer to thirty than I am to twenty.

Holy.Freaking.Insanity. Where the heck did all that time go?

I've come up with a plan to make the last 4 years of my twenties the best four years possible. Big things are gonna happen. I also need to be held accountable and by writing it, it will more likely happen. Right?

Here is my list of the top 50 things that I want accomplished before turning 30.

1. Be a tourist in the state of Washington. I am in love with this state and I want to fall more deeply in love with it.
2. Be on time for church for one solid month (it takes a month for me to get into a habit of doing something). We are never on time. It's mainly my fault. (April 2013)
3. Donate my hair to Locks of Love. (2010)
4. Make peace with food, my body, and that I probably will never be a size 4. This has been an ongoing struggle for me since I was 14. I am currently reading this, this, and doing some research on meeting with a counselor. (2012)
5. Run a 5k.(Dec 2010)
6. Run a half marathon. (June 2012)
7. Run a marathon.
8. Take the GRE. (July 2013)
9. Apply to grad school.
10. Pay off most of our debt. Our only debt is our mortgage and we are fast tracking it, which  means we have to be super disciplined with our money. The way we are going we will have a huge chunk of it payed off in 3 years. Such a relief since the market sucks right now. (April 2012)
11.Try sugaring (Feb 2013)
12. Get a dog. One of my birthday gifts from The Cute Boy was his blessings for me to research and find a dog that I like.
13. Make a quilt.  (November 2013)
14. Visit a foreign country with the husband. I still daydream about my time in Paris and London and try my hardest to remember the feelings I had when I was there. Right at this moment since we are trying to be responsible with our debt the closest to a foreign country we will get is Canada. Soon it will all change! (Sept 2012)
15. Save up to start a family. I hear that babies are expensive.
16. Do something that I am scared of.  (I have always been scared of death and letting go of Flora was hard) (Aug 2010).
17. Read at least 100 books. (Sept 2013)
18.Take swimming lessons. My swimming skills are pretty basic and I want to feel comfortable swimming in a lake or the ocean.
19. Learn French.
20. Get a bike and ride it every chance that I get. (June 2010)
21. Master the multiplication tables. I want to be able to know them by heart with out stopping and thinking. (July 2013)
22. Reread The Book of Mormon, the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Doctrine and Covenants.
23. Take a dance class with the Cute Boy.
24. Learn how to sing.
25. Don't kill a plant.   (2013 was a good year in the plant keeping department) 
26. Learn how to can and preserve food instead of buying canned goods at the store. (June 2010)
27. Write in my journal. My last entry was the day I graduated from BYU. That was 4 years ago.
28. Sew an article of clothing and wear it.  (Dec 2013)
29. Learn HTML and CSS
30. Make bread from scratch. Lucky me, The Cute Boy can teach me!
31. Learn how to use our super awesome camera.
32. Throw an epic party. (May 2011)
33. Make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon  in my totally rad Dutch Oven. (2010)
34. Stick to an exercise routine for longer than one month. (July 2011)
35. Walk across a suspension bridge.   (May 2013)
36. Reread my two top favorite books, Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird.
37. Go without refined sugar for a solid month.
38. Buy a pair of cowboy boots.
39. Ski/snowboard
40. Go to a jazz club. (Feb 2011)
41. Go to a major league baseball game. (Sept 2010)
42. Visit a city that I have always wanted to visit. My list is super long.  I went to Portland. It was super rad. (August 2010) 
43. Eat escargot in Paris  (Oct 2013)
44. Register to become a bone marrow donor (April 2011)
45. Start a family, whether they be my own natural children or through adoption (I know that adoption might take longer than 4 years, but maybe start the process).
46. Find my niche.
47. Have our portraits done. (October 2010)
48. Sell our house and buy a bigger house! (This one is a no guarantee, but a girl can dream right?) (Dec 2013. This one only counts as a half!)
49. Be more vocal about my beliefs. I shouldn't be nervous to talk about religion, politics or things that are important to me. I have mastered this to the tee. I've even received thank you notes for standing my ground and being so brave. I still have no clue how I pulled it off. (2011)
50. Be more patient. Good things always happen to those who are patient.  (Dec 2013. I am comfortable enough to say that I have been challenged enough these last four years to develop this virtue.)
(Because 50 wasn't enough!)
51. Go sailing  (Aug 2013)
52. Go to the ballet or an opera  (Sept 2011, Does Opera in Times Square count?)
53. Go kayaking (July 2012)
54. Ride on a motorcycle (Dec 2011)
55. Whale watching  (June 2011)
56. Visit NYC (Sept 2011)

57. Ride in a helicopter( July 2012)
58. Take a Hot Yoga Class (April 2012)
59. Go to a women's only spa and walk around naked. (May 2011)
60. Ride in a hot air balloon (May 2013)

7 Grass Lovers:

Brooklyn said...

Love your list! We have several of the same goals...maybe I should write them down!

Lucy van Pelt said...

That is one awesome list! I look forward to reading your blog posts about how you accomplish all this. What a great ride it will be.

Chris and Jonette said...

Great list Layla. If you need help with #19, 32, and 33, I can help. I am always up for a French, Epic Beef Bourguignon dinner party. Bon appetit!

Nancy said...

Awesome list!

I also kind of want to run a marathon in the next year or two. We'll see...maybe we can do it together. ;)

You have some great goals!

Diana said...

I've thought about marathons-but that's just peer pressure. Meh.
BUT, I'll be your journal-writing encourager. Go layla. Go Layla! Write write write!

ixoj said...

I love your list (and I must admit I'm super jealous that you have a REAL le creuset dutch oven). After reading it and realizing that I'm even closer to 30 than you are (eek!) I'm thinking I need to make one myself.

Holly said...

Your list is inspiring! I need to start one of my own to achieve before I turn 40 (gasp!)