Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm currently participating in a 50 day health challenge and it has been one of the best things I have done this summer. While I haven't lost but one measly pound, I have seen a huge improvement in my life style. I'm drinking more water, eating more vegetables, working out a ton, and limiting my sugar intake. Seriously, before hand I knew I wasn't the healthiest, but after monitoring things more closely, I've realized that I eat a ton of sugar and drink almost little to no water. No wonder I have had a hard time losing those last 10 pounds. I  really want to be the weight that I was when I got married seven years ago, and those 10 pounds are my road block.

I'm going to Utah in a little less than three weeks, and I would like to have lost at least 5 pounds by then. 5 pounds seems pretty easy enough and here is how I am going to accomplish that goal:

1. Tons of water. No less than 2 liters a day. I'm already doing this and I think I might up it to three liters. The only issue is that I am constantly in the bathroom.
2. No more than one diet soda a week. It's pretty sad how much soda I used to consume. I also noticed that when I drink a diet soda, afterward I want sugar.
3. No more than 25g of sugar a day. If it has a label, I'm counting the sugar contents. Fruit is free game. Also, I am in the habit of eating a cucumber with my fruit so I won't have a sugar crash.
4. Exercise, exercise, exercise! For the challenge I am required to do 9 intervals of 30 min a week and I have been pretty consistent with that. I'm back to running more and I use RunKeeper to keep track of my mileage. C.B. recently bought me Nike+ iPod  and I am going to give it a try. I also do 30 Day Shred and 6 Week Six-Pack by Jillian Micheals. Both are hardcore and as I am typing this post, I can feel the burn in my bum and abs.
5. Eat more greens. One of the best tricks that I have found in losing weight, is that the more greens I eat, the more consistent my weight loss is. Those weeks that I skip the greens I gain or stay the same. Did you know that kale has an insane amount of protein? When I am eating greens consistently, I go through at least two bags of Trader Joe's Southern Greens a week.
6. Limit my gluten intake. I went a week and half without gluten and I felt incredible. I would have kept going had I not got sick with  bronchitis.

Do you guys have any other tips?

Goal. Hello, tiny waist!

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Deanna said...

Go you! You can do it! Have you tried green smoothies aka spinach smoothies? You can use kale too but, it doesn't taste as good as spinach to me. I love them! Here's some recipes:

Diana said...

That's a great picture, Layla!
I love to read your goals. Too bad greens don't always taste good, I'd be much more motivated to eat them. I've gotta try kale again, in some different way than baking it. But, I've done really well on my spinach intake this week. I like the taste of spinach.

Richard and I are measuring out our sugar today to give ourselves more of a visual of what we give into. It's an insane amount. I am SOOOOO happy to see that fruit is free game to you too. I had a friend bash on that on my facebook wall because it's "cheating not to count fruit." Pshaw. What does he know? Changing eating habits is Freakin Hard!

And...when are we going to walk again? I was liking our groove!!! Even if it's just once a week! :)

Cindy said...

Why don't I talk to you more? We have so much in common. Plus, I love the picture! I, too, have a goal of reaching a pre-marital weight. I busted through that last impossible wall with TurboFire workouts (I could never run with this intensity without injuring myself, and I got a really good deal on ebay) and counting calories. I would never have the patience for the tedium of counting calories if there weren't cool websites and apps that count them for you. I use You punch in your weight loss goal and it calculates a calorie budget for you. You plug in the foods you eat, and it counts the calories for you. Eating healthier food, of course, makes a reduced calorie diet more satisfying. Works like magic for me. I'm currently 6.5 pounds lighter than when I met Aaron, but have 3.5 pounds to hit the weight I was right before I became pregnant with my first kid. Good luck, Layla!