Sunday, March 03, 2013

Day Dreaming

I have a cold from hell and all I can think about is being somewhere far away. Like Italy.  I went there once. Did you know that?

I wonder if I could convince CB to run away with me?

Monday, November 26, 2012


Today it finally sunk in that my husband is in the bishopric. I guess this means we are adults for sure. So weird.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I can't shake this feeling

The other night I was shuffling along in my kitchen while CB was sitting at the bar and I sighed really loud. He asked what's up and I explained to him that I just didn't know, I couldn't shake this feeling that I had.

"I'm just so bored with my life!" I murmured.  He chuckled and said "Same here, I've had this odd feeling for awhile."

So we sat there and thought of ideas to make our lives so un-boring.
We could buy a new TV!
Fancy car?
Save up for a house!
Move to another apt...another city...another state...another country!
Start a family? We thought about it for two minutes and both said "nah" at the same time. Terrifying territory...for so many reasons. Although, we are in a better state now than we have ever been to make this happen.
More yoga, more running, more crossfit. 

We debunked everything and still was not able to pinpoint what could shake things up.

One of CB's cousin told me that if she could be me for just one week it would be the best thing ever! I was like umm nope, you don't want to be me...I live a BORING life.

I shared my boredom situation with one of my coworkers and she just laughed at me. "You are the busiest person I know! You are constantly going to concerts, doing yoga, running, crossfit, a million book clubs, church stuff, traveling. For crying out loud you are going to Italy!"


Man, I sounded so pathetic. I just don't understand why I can't shake this feeling. No matter what I do, I just have this pit of a feeling that won't go away. In the last couple of years I have worked really hard to accomplish several goals. Both CB and I set some goals that we knew would take ALOT of time and energy to accomplish. Now that those are accomplished,  I'm left shuffling my feet.

Maybe it is time to set some new goals? Does anyone else ever go through this? Suggestions?


I am such a complainer. Someone punch me already.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rockin' Out Tuesday- Nico Stai

Thanks to my obsession with Spotify, I was introduced to Nico Stai a couple of weeks back. I love his voice and I have yet to find a song by him that I don't care for. So far my favorites are Maybe, Maybe and The Skies Over Your Head. Did I mention he is a Spaniard? Dreamy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It feels like home

I've been on this crazy ride with CB for the last 8 years and I could not have asked for more!

We send awesome text messages to each other.

Have the best inside jokes.

Disagree on TV shows, but agree on music 90.5% of the time.

He forces me to eat kale. I force him to eat my cupcakes. Not really.

Our cats mind him and ignore me. Hmph

I'm always right no matter what. He just nods his head and smiles.

We talk about our bodily functions often. It's mostly me that is talking.

Sometimes I pick arguments with him out of sheer boredom. He plays along and then usually tells me to read a book. We then hug it out.

We buckle down and make hard decisions like a perfect team.

He judges my outfits and I roll my eyes. He dresses better than me.

He tried to teach me how to bake bread and I taught him how to cut an onion.

There have been many times that we have skipped dinner and gone straight to ice cream. Cause we can.

I'm so lucky that he picked ME! He picked me! I am completely over the moon! It feels like home with him. To eternity and beyond!

Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
Cause I am going to make this place your home  

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon

About two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon. It was awesome and I can't wait to do another one. Although I am super slow, I still managed to beat my trial time by 5 min. I was in one of the last corral that crossed the start line and I feel that slowed me down a bit. I kept dodging walkers and at many points I had to walk, since there was very little space to run. Next time around, I won't make that mistake. The course also seemed to be much easier than I expected.

I felt super lucky to be able to run this race with CB. When I first proposed the idea of running a half, he was skeptical. The Monday after we finished our race, he sent me a link to another half that he wanted to do. He's hooked!

My next fitness goal is to complete a month of cross fit. I start on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey there!

I'm running a half marathon tomorrow. Yo!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A new season

Yesterday, I was released from being a Seminary teacher and was called to be in the Primary Presidency. Yesterday the life that I have known for the last two years has closed. It was something that I have prayed for for awhile. I was exhausted. My body, spirit, and soul were breaking down. I needed to recover. On my last day of teaching and as I stood to be released, I was overcome with emotion. I cried alot. But the Lord knows me, he knows my needs and I have been so blessed. Seminary has rocked my world on so many different levels. I have pretty much lived and breathed Seminary.

What will I do with all my extra time?

 I'm excited to see what happens with my future.

This past week there have been so many things that have come up that have allowed me to seriously think about my future. CB and I have talked about it extensively and I am excited for all the different possibilities. A family? School? School in a different state?

CB is the best partner to have along on this ride. When I mentioned school he mentioned applying to a program that I felt fit for, even if it was out of state. "Oh Layla, I can go wherever! Let's go to NYC!" 

Yup. I am so damn lucky.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rockin' Out Tuesday- The Lumineers

A couple of months back, my friend Calley posted this video on her Facebook page and I have been falling madly in love with The Lumineers ever since. Their song Ho Hey makes me really happy. It has become my happy place song.

They are going to be at Capital Hill Block Party, which I go to every year. So excited to see them live.

I love summers in Seattle....Sunny days, music festivals and that incredible nostalgic feeling that comes with all of it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She's only 17....I mean 28

You guys, I have the most charming husband in the world! Seriously he knows how to make me swoon. For my 28th birthday he planned this epic trip to Vegas. He made plans to whisk me away from work and reveal to me where we were going on our way to the airport. Someone at church heard about it and not knowing that I had no clue what was going on, spilled the beans to me. So the trip to Vegas was revealed, but that was pretty much it. Once we arrived in Vegas, he rented a sports car (surprise number 2) and drove us to the Wynn (surprise number 3). The Wynn is the fanciest, most beautiful hotel that I have ever stayed at. I felt so spoiled!

The next day when I asked him what our plans were, he told me that we were spending the whole day at the resort's spa (surprise number 4). He scheduled messages for both of us and we had full access to the spa for as long as we wanted. I was a little nervous about the whole spa experience since the reviews said that clothing was optional (it was a woman's only spa). Gulp. On a side note, my therapist a week earlier had mentioned that I should go to a woman's spa to challenge myself one step further with my body image issues. "You know you have made it Layla if you can walk around naked at a spa!" Little did she know that CB had already made those plans for me to meet that challenge. You guys, I did it! I walked around in a towel and soaked in pools with other ladies naked! NAKED! The best part is that I didn't feel at all uncomfortable. It was so liberating! The spa was so beautiful. I could not get over what an amazing experience it was. The couples message that we had was out of this world.

That night we celebrated my birthday dinner at Marche Bacchaus. It was so good and the views were killer. CB topped the night off by given me this little beauty.  I was so floored by it all. I kept telling him that he shouldn't have! I was so overwhelmed with the amount of effort that he went to make my birthday so special. And I only turned 28! He later revealed to me that he wanted to do this for me because I am known to make a big deal out of people's birthdays and mine should be made just as big of a deal. Apparently I have taught him that birthdays should be a huge epic event.

In all reality this trip was for both of us. We needed a break badly. We also just finished working our butts off to pay a huge amount of our mortgage off and it was time to celebrate! It felt so good to finally have our "insane who the hell does this" plan accomplished in less than 3 years.

The rest of the trip we spent at the pool sipping virgin pina coladas and driving around Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon is beautiful! I wish that we had more time to spend there. Vegas has seriously exceeded my expectations. I loved every minute of our trip!