Sunday, July 18, 2010

Number 3

On Wednesday I accomplished number three on my must to do before I turn thirty list. I cut 14 inches off of my hair and donated 13 of it.

My to do list states that I would be donating my hair to Locks of Love. I changed my mind and decided to go with another organization- Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Locks of Love is a great organization but I got super excited when I heard about Beautiful Lengths, they met all criteria that I was looking for in an organization to donate my hair to.

Beautiful Lengths only required 8 inches for a donation. My shortest layer was 8 inches and Locks of Love would not have been able to use that layer since their minimum length requirement is 10 inches.  In the end, Locks of Love would have sold any hair that they would not have been able to use and that made me feel a little weird. I also loved that any hair that Beautiful Lengths would not have been able to use would be donated to Matter of Trust, an organization that would make mats out of hair clipping to use in the efforts of cleaning up oil spills (AND HOLY COW DO WE HAVE A HUGE SPILL THAT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED).

After much debating (free haircut or fork over some cash) I finally made an appointment with Robert Hass.  Many of my friends see him and I felt pretty good that he would do an awesome job. And he was reasonably priced!

When I showed up to the salon I told Robert that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted with my hair. I felt pretty safe with the 10 inch donation but he convinced me that 10 inches was a wimpy ponytail.

"Oh Layla, a 14 inch ponytail would be so much better. It's for a good cause!"

I guess I was feeling super courageous or something because I compromised on a 13 inch ponytail and an extra inch to even the hair out.

He measured my hair four times to make sure he had the right length and within seconds he chopped my ponytail off.

Once he handed me my ponytail I began to cry. I felt so liberated! I couldn't believe that I finally accomplished my goal. I was on a huge high!

He did an amazing job and all around I had a great experience at his salon. He was great to chat with but wasn't too chatty or asked a million personal questions. I always feel awkward at salons because of the million and one personal question conversation that the stylist usually wants to have.

I'm looking forward to doing this all over again in a year! Ok maybe 2 years from now :)

PS: Sorry for the weird pictures, I took them with my iphone.

4 Grass Lovers:

ixoj said...

I think it looks great!

Michelle said...

So cute!!!!

Megan said...

You are amazing! and your hair looks super cute. Way to go!

Unknown said...

I love it! You look beautiful!