Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'm ready to chop off my super long locks. The problem is I can't make up my mind on where to go.

Do I go to a salon that has semi positive reviews on yelp (3.5/5) and get a free hair cut since I am donating my hair? They will most likely pick the stylist and I will be taking a risk that I might leave with an awful haircut.


Do I go to a salon that has awesome reviews, that has been recommended to me, and I pick the stylist but will most likely have to fork over $60+ ?

What do you think? Help a sista out because I clearly can't make a decision on my own.

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Natalie | Make Today Great said...

You could try the free place and book somewhere if it is a disaster!

I pay $65 everytime I get a cut - but it is to a girl that I love and I've had so many disasters that I feel good about it. I have paid over $100 (disaster of a story really) for a bad haircut though.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Natalie has a point. As long as the free cut doesn't go too short, someone else can always fix it. My stylist won't send the hair to locks of love for you, but I think his cuts are around $40 and he's fantastic.

Christie said...

When you donate your hair, most salons will only cut off the amount you want and then they will just "trim" the rest of your hair to make it straight. So no layers, no style just make it even after you lose your length.
That being said, a lot of stylists will cut the price of a hair cut if you want more of a style after you're done. That will also depend on the salon/stylist.
If you want to come down to Puyallup I'll cut it for you!

The Dennett's said...

$60?! I didn't know getting a haircut could cost so much. I never pay more than $10, haha. But, I am a bit of a redneck when it comes to hair.
I can't wait to see the end result! Short hair is so much fun :)

Renee said...

Uh...Why is this even a dilema? Pay for the haircut you know will be good and the one you know you will like. Save yourself the agonizing weeks of torture waiting for your hair to grow back, do it the right way. Trust me I try to go the cheap route and it never works out well for me.

Josh and Sarah Robison said...

Layla! I just read your comment you posted ages ago on my blog. I am extremely bad at checking for those things. Thank you for it though it means a lot that someone else might be reading what I write! You've probably already cut your hair by now, but it seems like getting the 60 dollar hair cut would be worth it- probably saving you some time and grief if you went to the free-hair-cut place and did not like the result.