Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Can't stop staring

I have been wanting to have nice pictures taken of us for a very long time but for different reasons we kept putting them off. The Cute Boy and I don't have very many good pictures of ourselves. We both dislike our wedding pictures and our engagement pictures were taken by a friend with a point and shoot. I was dying to have beautiful professional photos taken.

When I first saw Tysha's portfolio, I was smitten. I wanted her to take our pictures and was a little sad when I saw on her website that she was completely booked for the rest of the year. When I casually mentioned to her how bummed I was that she was completely booked, she broke the news to me that she would love to take our pictures!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. It was so hard to pick which ones I liked the best! I seriously can't stop looking at them.

3 Grass Lovers:

Deanna said...

Very cool Layla! I especially like that last one.

Lindsey Walker said...

I love these photos!! The colors are great, and you look beautiful!!

Bronwyn James said...

These are super classy!