Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy List- Livi

1.  my husband.  period.
2. my iphone and all its delicious apps that make my life so convenient and wonderful and fun
3. getting my eyebrows waxed
4. a fun new color of nail polish
5. reading scriptures and talks
6. the WEEKEND
7. the Griddle, an amazing breakfast place in Meridian that has cream cheese and strawberry rhubarb stuffed french toast
8. blogging
9. a clean kitchen
10. sitting across the office at home from my husband and getting projects done together
11. when you press pause on the tv and the actor is frozen on a funny face
12. school
13.  4:59 p.m.
14. bluegrass
15. gwen stefani
16. knowing God loves me
17. lipstick, scarves and big earrings
18. making new friends
20. diet coke

Livi is my old roommate from my short lived days at BYU-I. She is also the roommate that I stole the happy list idea from. Thanks Livi for such an awesome idea! One of my favorite summers was the summer that I lived with her. We had the best time listening to Micheal Jackson (one of her favorites) and playing prank calls on our FHE brothers. 
Livi is super stylish and is a lover of culture, headbands and of course Gwen Stefani. The girl is nuts over her! She loves to have fun and lives such an adventurous life. She got married about a year ago and she was such a classy, stunning bride. Every detail of her wedding had Livi written all over it. Stunning!

1 Grass Lovers:

Livi said...

WOWZA I am blushing! You are so sweet. Thanks for doing this fun idea. All these lists make me happy!!