Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy List-Dana

Things Dana Loves

1.Taking long hot showers when its cold outside 
2.sleeping while it's storming
3.listening to people on my dads HAM radio 
4.tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve 
5.drawing whiskers on my face and others 
6.watching the complete Star Wars saga when I'm sad 
7. When it rains on road trips, and I can snuggle up and watch 
8. wearing no make up and sweats at best friend's houses 
9. reading Nicholas Sparks books late at night 
10. pretend to be a ninja 
11. make fun of Paula Dean's country accent. 
12. Wear my snuggie as a fashion statement 
13.Hugging people who smell super grand 
14. Giving hugs to people 
15. Writing pointless letters to Obama 
16. Making people smile :) 
Dana is the DH youngest sister. She is one super awesome chica! She is fun to be around and loves to be silly and have a grand time! Dana is super smart, curious about life and is a great friend to have. I heart her and her super awesome hugs! 

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