Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy List-Gabby

1. Free time!
2. writing
3. an organized home
4. starches
5. organic food/earth friendly stuff
6. the smell of a new book
7. cuddling on the couch with a blanket and book on a rainy day
8. the way my husband smells! Fresh, clean, warm.
9. My children's soft skin and dimples. Who knew? Neither of us have them!
10. Cinnabons
11. a sense of security/safety
12. Clear skin
13. Music!
14. Clothes that fit well
15. The beginning of each new season
16. Knowing I'm loved and that I'm so very blessed to be alive
17. Giving and helping others
18. My mother, who is my best friend
19. Karaoke
20. Friends
Bonus #21 - spending time with my lovely children and supportive husband! =)

Gabby is one crazy strong lady! She has overcome so many challenges in her life but continues to be strong and doesn't let the situations bring her down. She is the mom of two cute little tots and is married to a dude who does all the cooking. The thing I love the most about Gabby  is that she stands up for what she believes. She is not afraid to defend it and will question something that does not seem right to her. It takes alot of guts for someone to be honest with themselves and not do something because everyone else is doing it.

1 Grass Lovers:

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Thank you, Layla! =) This was such a cool series and I've got some time today to go in and bookmark these new bloggers in my google reader! Thank you for sharing and helping people connect!!!