Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy List-Tracie

Tom Murphy - why else would I be living in Seattle?
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream  - The green Kind
Skiing on a Sunny Day
A Sunny Day
Finishing a long run and feeling complete
Playing with dogs
The Hammock Beach Club
Lake Placid in September
Road Trips to new places
Seeing Friends
Frye Boots
Lucky Brand Jeans
My parents

I met Tracie through her boyfriend Tom. Out of all my friends, she has the most energy. Last summer she would call me every day and have me walk all over Seattle with her. While I was dying she kept going! Tracie has some serious style and is nuts over yarn. In her spare time she knits all kinds of crazy items and helps alzheimer's patients learn how to knit. What I love the most about Tracie is that she constantly keeping tabs on me and making sure I am keeping up with the goals that I set for myself. She is like an older sister or something. After being around her I suddenly have a huge burst of motivation. She really is inspiring!

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