Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy List- Brock

- Layla :)
- Cutting through the middle of the Seattle skyline on the viaduct
- Biking on Alaskan Way and passing the Ride the Ducks
- Watching salmon swim through the Ballard Locks fish ladder
- Getting the whole row to myself on an airplane
- Taking pictures up close
- Going to sleep with Layla laying her head on one shoulder, the cat laying her head on the other
- Tillamok Mudslide ice cream
- The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Good Job
- Lost
- Making a ruckus with my guitar
- Chocolate
- Going somewhere I've never been before
- Tropical weather
- Reoccurring dreams
- Rain after a sunny month
- Sun after a rainy month
- Everything is Terrible (a blog of awkward VHS clips)
- Shoe-gazing
- Star-gazing
- My green Converse
- Making someone else's life better
- Writing code that works the first time
- Short walks on the beach
- Twilight, as in the phenomenon, not the book
- Summers in Seattle when the sun is up by 5:30am
- Eating good, natural, fresh food 

I could go on and on about why I love this person! He is so incredible and the best thing that has ever happened to me. He treats me like a queen, even with all my faults. Brock is a kind, genuine, loving person. He is a rockstar with all his mad programing skills and is freaking amazing on the guitar. BTW he sent me his list with out me even asking! I was so excited to see it in my in box :)

2 Grass Lovers:

Lucy van Pelt said...

Brock is AWESOME! You'll have to keep him.

Diana said...

Sounds like a keeper to me!