Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is here! Or is it? It's currently POURING rain outside and it feels more like the dead of winter than spring. At least it was gorgeous for the last couple of weeks so I am crossing my fingers for the lovely weather to come back soon.

Every Spring I get an itch to buy a new dress. I am a sucker for dresses and last year I bought over 10. I'm not even joking folks.

Here are my top choices...

He Loves Me Dress from Downeast Outfitters, $34.99
Love the shape, love the print.

Earth-Shattering Dress from ModCloth, $79.99
I am in love with the print. Would look so awesome with blue heels.

Bouquet Bonanza Dress from ModCloth, $49.99
This dress is so feminine and soft.  Definitely a dress fit for spring.

Red-y or Not Dress from ModCloth, $99.99 
So red, so sassy! I am in LOVE!

Two-Wheeler Shirt Dress from Anthropologie, $128
The cutest pattern ever!

Madison Ave Dress from Shabby Apple, $76.00.
I am totally nuts over this dress. Not so springy but I would love to own it!

G. Cooper Dress from Shabby Apple, $94.00. 
I am obsessed with all things from the 40's. So so lovely!

So what do you think? Which one would you love to have in your closet?

5 Grass Lovers:

Deanna said...

I too am in love with all things 40's!! Esp 40's music! I like the first and the last dress. Down East always has things I adore.

The Dennett's said...

How do you pick em??? They are all so cute AND modest! My favorite is the earth-shattering dress- I think it's a great pick for brunettes :)Is ModCloth a store in Seattle? I would love a store like that here...ha, in my DREAMS. lol.

Diana said...

I need to show you the red heels I tried on. They were hot! And, I totally wished that i had a HOT dress to wear with them, not that I would look Hot in it-but I could pretend. anyway, there were blue heels, just the same.

Unknown said...

I NEED that red dress...I actually picked up some dress patterns from Value Village that you'd probably love! The pattern says knits are okay, so I think I'll find a light knit and try my hand at making one!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

These are going on my dress roundup! I need a few more.

I have that Manhatten dress from Shabby Apple -- a word, it is very flashy. I almost feel as though I can't wear it too often because it is very bold!