Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rockin' Out Tuesday- The Naked and Famous

Oh goodness how I love this song, actually I love the whole damn album. I ran almost 7 miles the other day and rocked it because of amazing music like this. Let's back up a little bit...I freakin' ran almost 7 miles! It was so easy too! The only reason why I stopped is because CB was tired of sitting around and waiting for me. He finished his run 20 min before I did. Seriously, I am amazed by him. When I signed him up for the half marathon, he was not into it, but after he finished his five mile run within 40 something minutes, he was excited for the half marathon. See, I always know what is best. HA!

 8 miles this weekend, wait what?!

1 Grass Lovers:

Lucy van Pelt said...

Woohoo! You ran 7 miles! You're such a rock star!