Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rockin' out among the apples

The other night while I was shopping at my local QFC, I thought about this funny experience that I had about a year ago at that very QFC. CB teases me about it when we visit that particular QFC.

Story time.

While browsing the massive amount of apples, I am jamming along to some seriously awesome music. Every song that is played is so good and I can't get over how kick A the music is at this QFC.

I turned to CB and said: "The music that they are playing is so rad. I think on my way out I'm going to tell the manager how much I appreciate his taste in music."

CB: "Ahh babe, that is your iPhone that is playing the music."

Me: "No, it is so not!" As I reach into my pocket to check, it is most definitely my iPhone.

CB: "I was wondering what the deal was with your random solo rocking out party at the grocery store."


3 Grass Lovers:

RORYJEAN said...

:) Awesome.

Nancy said...

You win the prize for the best story I've heard all day!

Myrna said...

I loved this story, too! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face!