Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm an odd one

Here are some random odd facts about me for you to enjoy on this lovely Friday. 

* While I don't have my own children and giving birth scares the sheez out of me, I am fascinated by birthing stories. I could spend all day listening to people share them, reading them, etc. The gorier the better. Nothing is more disappointing to me than hearing someone tell me that they got induced, got an epidural, and poped out a baby like it was nothing. I am a sick twisted human being. 

* While I run I tell myself "You are so awesome!" "Layla, you are so strong, keep going!"  When I pass someone, I chuckle to myself and think "pansy!" The problem is that I am a SLOW runner. 

* Wanna hear a story, just ask. Today, one of my coworkers told me that out of everyone that he knows, I have the craziest most bizarre stories. Things stick with me for a while and I remember little details. Numerous times I have told my Seminary class if they pay attention to my lesson, I will tell them a story. It works every single time.

* Watching people play with their food makes me physically ill. Babies are the worst. Those pictures that you post of your child covered in food makes me puke. I can't even think about it. 

* I have to shave my arm pits every morning. It drives me nuts if I don't. I'm currently sporting razor burn. 

* I have more sympathy for animals than I do for humans. Your cat/dog is sick, let me bring you dinner. You had a baby? Congrats. 

* Every morning, I set four alarms. I hit snooze on all of them (which results in an alarm going off every 3-5 min) and wake up 30 min before I need to be somewhere. 

* I have a large collection of boots. They are all brown.

What are some of your odd facts? 

8 Grass Lovers:

The Dennett's said...

Pretty sure that anyone who ever got induced, got an epidural, and pushed for 10 minutes still had a hellish time doing it. And its always gory regardless...just saying :)

Michelle said...

I like to correct improper English in my head, unless it's my husband,then I do it out loud.

P.s. I love reading your blog!

Bethany said...

I. Love. Brown. Boots.

Taylor said...

I secretly love to listen to the Delilah Show on the radio.

Emma Jane said...

The thought of going to the bathroom makes me shiver and twitch. Every time I go to the bathroom, I twitch after because it grosses me out.

Also, standing water in the sink full of dirty dishes grosses me out. It's like a hot springs resort for bacteria.

I miss you Layla!

ixoj said...

You are the coolest.

First, something to make you shudder. When I was in high school, I used to eat 3/4 of my lunch soup and then stuff my napkins into the cup until all the broth had absorbed and then dump it out on my plate and squish the soup-napkin-mold with my fork. ;)

You should wax your armpits. It's much MUCH better than razor burn.

That photo of you is beautiful.

An odd fact about me: I have a stash of secret books that I like to reread every year or so or anytime I'm feeling glum and want to escape. It's a series of 12 books and I never speak of them in public.

deila taylor said...

ditto on waxing your armpits-- much better!


dearest layla. know that you truly are amazing. i feel that you are not alone. many of us have similar thoughts/feelings/struggles as you have and are dealing with. thumbs up for being PROACTIVE instead of reactive! your courage and voice is admirable. keep on keepin on girl!