Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rockin Out Tuesday- Justin Bieber

Go ahead and judge, but I would be a liar if I said that I didn't like the Bieber. Matter of fact, I dance around the house to his music quite often. The sad part about my little obsession is that my husband loathes him and will leave the premises as soon as Justin Bieber starts to yell out that he needs someone to love.

I also really like Selena Gomez and I am currently obsessed with Gossip Girl. No wonder I get along so well with teenagers.

Go ahead, you know you want to watch his music video, I'm not here to judge. It's ok to indulge in teen heartthrob music every once awhile. Besides he has killer dance moves. And his hair....OMG his hair!

PS: I heard  a glimpse of one of his holiday songs, and loved it. I just refuse to listen to holiday music until after Thanksgiving.

6 Grass Lovers:

Amie said...

I still listen to old school Hanson from time to time :)

Alison said...

I love dancing, so put it on and I won't judge. Too bad Brock can't see the light. :)

Diana said...

It's time to tell the world, but... Michael is really Bieber's son.

Diana said...

And Michael just requested to watch the video again. *sigh* I will have to turn it off before Richard gets home. Because, his views are the same as CB's

Taylor said...

I guess he can dance but he is far too pretty for my taste. Plus, I can't stand front hair. Plus, what's he going to do when he finally goes through puberty and his voice changes. haha.

I'd take Korn over Justin Beiber anyday. Freak on a Leash. now, that's music. :)

RORYJEAN said...

I've heard this on the radio and always thought it was a girl singing! Now I know the truth. I am also wondering if he will have a career when his voice finally changes- looks what happened to Hansen.