Monday, November 07, 2011

National Museum of American History

Our time in D.C. was really short so we had to pick one museum that we wanted to visit the most. After Kelly and Travis briefed us on all of the Smithsonian that we could go to, I voted for the National Museum of American History.

I loved every minute that I was in there. It just got better and better with each exhibit. We spent a good chunk of our time there. I also love the idea that all Smithsonians are free to enter, I'm pretty sure if I lived in D.C., I would spend a lot of time there.

Seriously, you will not be disappointed at all with the National Museum of American History. They have really cool things like Dorthy's ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz and the American flag that inspired the Star Spangle Banner.  The whole entire time I was in complete awe. It was just really cool to see things from the beginning of American history.

I also really loved seeing the First Ladies dresses and Julia Child's kitchen. I'm obsessed with both and I was like a little girl in a doll shop.  Ever since the beginning of my obsession with Julia Child in 2009, I have hoped to see her kitchen at the Smithsonian. When Kelly mentioned that it was there, that sealed the deal for me.

Really, if you are ever in D.C., you should visit. There is something for everyone.

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