Saturday, October 15, 2011

last evening of Summer

On the last evening of Summer freedom for me, C.B. and I drove to my favorite beach to soak in a beautiful sunset and bid farewell to Summer.

It was a rather warm night and the beach was packed with families and fisherman. Beach volley ball games were taking place and the last BBQs of the season were being held.

The Puget Sound was full with stand up paddle surfers and sail boats. It was such a breathtaking view. I asked a fisherman what he was fishing for and he said salmon and he had caught a few already.

I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. If you ever have a chance to visit Seattle, Golden Garden is a must see.

3 Grass Lovers:

Mammodouy's Stories said...

I'd love to come. You've made me like Seattle a lot! :)

Lindsey Walker said...

Dan applied to a residency program in Seattle and he is praying he gets in there. He really loves Seattle and wants to call it home. I, on the other hand, am worried about all the rain. Does it ever get a little depressing that it rains so much?

Brock said...

Lindsey, it really does not rain that much.


It is overcast quite a bit, but I would not trade snow or extreme heat or humidity for the Pacific Northwest's cloudiness.

I would be more concerned about the attractive and oversexed people he'll be working with, which if you've seen Grey's Anatomy, you know is an issue here.