Sunday, October 23, 2011



What an insanely busy week! I really miss blogging and hopefully I can catch up this coming week. I want to still share all the details of my lovely trip.

I have always thought that our US Capitol Building was beautiful and grande. It is massive and I was in love with the details of the building. Travis explained the different wings and some of the history to it. Did you know that the statue on top of the building is actually a lady? Her name is Freedom. I actually thought it was a dude.

We didn't have a chance to go in because we decided to make our way to the National Archives to view the Declaration of Independence,  Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States before the lines got too long. I was completely fascinated by seeing these documents and a couple of times I had to remind myself how old they were. I was impressed with their immaculate penmanship and how well they were perserved. Although, the Declaration of Independence was a little harder to read than the other two.  The rotunda that houses them is beautiful and is surrounded by paintings that depict important events from the history of our country.

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