Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bakery Nouveau

I have a friend who is nuts over the pastries at Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle and I had to know for myself how good the goods were. I am pretty much in love with Honore in Ballard, and had a hard time imagining anything better.

On a perfect sunny Seattle day, I made my way over to West Seattle to eat my way through Bakery Nouveau. Their almond croissant is amazing but Honore wins with the macaron competition. I just felt that Bakery Nouveau's macarons were far too large. Nonetheless, they still tasted good.

umm manicure anyone?
If you ever find yourself in West Seattle, make a stop at Bakery Nouveau and get their almond croissant and maybe try their  pain au chocolat and let me know how it is.  So worth the visit. Then make your way over to Alki Beach and get lunch at Spud Fish and Chips. Also, don't forget to soak up the view! I am a sucker for amazing views and West Seattle has one of the best of Downtown.

1 Grass Lovers:

Michelle said...

Oh man! Why did you have to tell me about Honore? The pictures on Yelp are mouth watering. I must go there soon to try the tarts and quiches.