Friday, August 05, 2011

City girl goes camping

Look at me! In nature and smiling.
On Monday, I will be making the trek two hours east to spend a whole week with teenage girls at girls camp. I'm a little nervous about this all because 1. I'm not a camper. I'm a stuck up urbanite who does not get how roughing it up is fun. Bless my husband for marrying me, because he does not agree with my philosophy. 2. I heard from one of the Unit Mom's, that last year a rat/mouse ran across her head one night. I will go bat $#&! if I see any rodents. Done. They can find me in the car huddled up in a fetal position.

Other than that, I am pretty excited to spend some time with some new girls along with some of the girls that I taught last year in Seminary. I love spending time with youth, they make me incredibly happy and feel so good about myself. Also I might get the courage to do the ropes course, shot a rifle, and learn how to use a bow and arrow. This year is all about doing exciting things. I have always wanted to shot a gun and go down a zip line. I'm on the path to mark things off the bucket list.

So my question to all of you camp lovers out there, what is something that I must not forget to bring? We will be staying in an  a-frame lodging, and I have a list of essentials to bring. What I really want to know  is what is the one thing that you experienced campers take along with you that is not necessarily the usual (you know, sleeping bag, mess kit, etc.)?

I am city girl, I need all the help that I can get. Not even kidding folks. To me camping is putting up a tent in my back yard, and that there is even pushing it.

2 Grass Lovers:

Magalena said...

I have an essentials kit that I always bring camping with me. It includes: bug spray, sun lotion, a little box full of all the pills I take daily, plus ibuprofen. I think Ibuprofen is really important when camping. Matches, tampons, pads. Just imagine you'e going to be very, very uncomfortable for a week and the only way to be not so uncomfortable is the stuff you bring. So a sleeping bag yes, but it might get warm, so bring a sheet too. Do you sleep with 2 pillows at home (or six, like me?)? Bring two pillows. Be sure to bring flip flops and sneakers, that way you can do more things.

Judi Judkins said...

I love girls camp!! I never got to do all the fun stuff you'll do, but I still love it. It's a real spiritual boost. Bring a camping chair for sure- something comfortable and put your name on it. I also sleep with a sheet as your friend said. Bring a large water bottle of some sort that you can put ice in. Also, bug spray, your own first aid kit, esp. bandaids and antibiotic ointment, Bandanas, scriptures, paper/pen, journal, treats for you, treats for the girls you work with, little post-it notes to write notes to for the girls. And a HAT!!!

Have fun and don't sleep with your mouth open. :)