Thursday, April 28, 2011

Health Freak

I used to be a health freak. Working out, eating super healthy and dropping weight like it was going out of style. In 2008 I reached my ultimate weight goal and then gained almost all of it back when I got comfortable.

Proof, check out that awesome jaw line of mine. May 2008
So the thing is that right now I am craving my old health freak lifestyle.  I want to become a crazy jock and maybe go back to vegetarianism. Dear Bop and Beep  and Lucy Van Pelt it is mostly your fault that I want to do this, you have inspired me.

Wanna know what one of my biggest obstacles is? I am a sucker for a good burger. Which is super weird since I was once a vegetarian. Oh how a good burger makes me happy.  And oh how unhealthy burgers are.

Today I am a guest blogger at Behold the Metatron and I am sharing my favorite healthy burger recipe. Thank you Bop and Beep for introducing me to this amazing burger.

4 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

Why must u post this right after our late night delivery pizza arrived? I'm sitting here really not hungry but eating it anyway because Richard wanted to order it and it smells good. Good luck with your goals. Every goal I ever made just went down the drain as of late so I'm just giving up... Haha,

Strawberry Girl said...

Check out the work of Dr. Winston A Price. He traveled around the world before the introduction of refined food products was entirely prevalent and found that the indigenous peoples of the world are not Vegetarians in fact they valued meat and meat products. Especially the dark yellow butter from grass fed cows, meat from naturally raised cows and animals, fats, sea food and eggs. The French are known for their good health, and their high fat diets, those peoples who stick to an indigenous diet are not overweight and are extremely healthy.

ixoj said...

You know, you COULD go back to being a vegetarian...and then slip up every once in a while when you get a burger craving. No one has to know. ;)

Holly said...

I love a good burger too, and didn't realize how unhealthy they are until I started tracking my calories. Holy Moly! I'm glad you like the zucchini burgers, this was a good reminder that we can make our own burgers at I need to find a healthy french fry :)