Thursday, November 04, 2010

Got Cavities?

Two weeks ago, the Cute Boy went to the dentist for a cleaning and was informed that he had a cavity.

His very first cavity.

He came home and hesitantly told me of his sad sad news and I was all smiles. Cause well every time I visit the dentist I have to deal with getting a filling or two, I get all kinds of head shakes from the Boy.

The Cute Boy opted for the super fancy filling because he felt that there is no point to add metal in his previously cavity free mouth. I on the other hand have a whole mouth full of metal. For reals people.

Today I had my cleaning and was prepared for the worse. After the appointment, I gave him a quick call and he asked me about the verdict. Guess what folks, ZERO cavities! He was just as shocked as I was. I get the same lecture every time from my dentist though, FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS.  Before the dentist even said anything to me I said "I know, I need to floss." Ha!

For Christmas I want a Sonicare. Suggestions on the best model?

5 Grass Lovers:

Deanna said...

Congrats on 0 cavities. I haven't had a checkup in 2.5 yrs so I hope I can get the same news :)During that time I think I've skipped flossing 5x though, so I will be ticked if I do!

Myrna said...

Yeah for you, Layla! No cavities rocks! Smiling at the cute boy, with whom cavities have finally caught up. I am amazed that this is his first one! He must have inherited some fabulous teeth genes!

Diana said...

We have a sonicare. And, love it.
AND i think I still have a $10 off coupon for a sonicare. And a $5 off coupon for refills. And, i believe they still have a rebate running for an additional $10 back. I'll check on it for you. And, don't just run out to the first store and buy one. Wait until a store has them on sale for fifty dollars. (Bartells frequently does). Check your ads.
I will cry if you are unfrugal about your purchase. :)

Shelly and Vic said...

I love your blog!

We got Philips Sonicare toothbrushes a couple years ago for Christmas and LOVE them. We have the e5300 model. Love it.

Judi Judkins said...

So sorry to hear hubby got a cavity. Yes, he did inherit good teeth from his mom. I am 47 and still have not had a cavity. Two of his siblings do not have cavities either. It's okay, we still love you and accept you in the family. His dad has not been so fortunate and I still love him.:)