Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A birthday celebration in Leavenworth

About two months ago (I know, give me a break and include a Kit Kat bar with it) the Cute Boy surprised me with a trip to Leavenworth for my birthday.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian town tucked into the mountains about two hours east of Seattle.

We stayed a night at the Enzian Inn, one of the most active packed hotels that I have ever stayed at. They had everything from pools to a mini golf course with goats that hung around close by. It was stinkin' awesome. The goats were uber cute. I want one.

While we were there we mostly roamed up and down Front Street checking out the quirky shops (hat shop say what?) and stuffing our faces with bratwurst from Munchen Haus. I'm not even joking folks, I had three bratwurst within two days. They had an amazing variety of mustard and I left with four huge jars. Why I need that much who knows.

There was one shop were you could taste test different dips and sauces. There was one hot sauce with a sign above it that explained that it will burn the leaving heck out of you.

 Do you see the sign that says "think pain, it will happen?"

The Cute Boy saw the sauce  and thought it would be super awesome to try it out. He completely ignored the sign because he saw a 10 year old try it and she seemed to be fine. Now people I would like you to picture this in your mind... He took a pretzel, swirled the sauce all over it , and licked it like it would not be a problem. He looked at me and was all like "dude it's not that bad." I'm not even joking within 20 seconds he started to cry. Huge fat tears. We quickly ran to a gelato shop and with one look at him the lady behind the counter gave him a sample. Grinning at him she said "You tried the hot sauce huh?" Awesome!

For dinner I had my first real deal of German food at Andreas Keller and I must say I really liked it! I am a sucker for apple cider sauerkraut and spaetzle (not together of course).

Other events of the trip were Maifest, seeing a massive German dressed up horse and a flat tire on our way home. The Cute boy was such a rockstar while fixing the tire. We seriously drove 1 1/2 hours on a flat tire and had no idea.

For my birthday, the mister showered me with lovely gifts and dinner at Lola.  Dinner was super yummy and the coconut cream pie was killer. We will definitely be going back sometime soon!

YAY for another awesome birthday! I'm so spoiled.

4 Grass Lovers:

Livi said...

i have always wanted to go there!!!

Diana said...

wow. That looks like quite a different place! I love how you get the dancers on the street too. And that hot sauce story is hilarious! Sounds like a good present for Richard, I think.
And, that TP is awesome too. Lol

Nicci said...

I LOVE Leavenworth! It's been years since I've been. So many cool things to see there. I'm so glad you both had a great time (sans the hot sauce, of course!)

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

That looks awesome! I want to go to there.