Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ya Know, Sometimes I Pretend to be Domestic

Back in December the Mister and I were hanging out at a Christmas party eating crackers and chatting it up with others. I'm pretty sure that was like the 5th Christmas party that we had been to that month. It seems like in the month of December people are crazy over parties.

Somehow the ladies at the table started talking about sewing machines. I've been curious about sewing but wasn't sure that I had the patience to do it. My only previous experience with sewing was when I was in the 10th grade and I land up being such a headache that my teacher called my mom asking her to help me out.  My home ed teacher  told me that I would never have the patience to sew. It wasn't meant to be. And I believed her.

So here I was talking sewing machines with the ladies. All of a sudden I felt that I could totally do it, I could see all kinds of sewing projects in my near future. With pride I announced to the group that I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas. Husband overheard my announcement and asked "Why do you want a sewing machine, you've never wanted to sew before?"

I responded "Well you see, I really like to make things. And well all my friends are getting knocked up and I'd really like to learn how to make baby things so I can have cute baby stuff to give them." I'm pretty sure my response embarrassed him. Sorry babe!

I signed up for a sewing class, got a sewing machine from the hubs and other sewing gadgets from my mom. I was on my way to learn how to make baby stuff for all the pregors that I encountered.

Here is what I have made so far:

Burp Cloths

A Bib and a Pacifier Clip

I had no idea that the pattern was upside down until after I had finished the project. Hey at least the baby can look down and see a cute pattern facing them!

A Baby Blanket

I made this blanket specifically for this little one.

Applique Onesies 

I used this tutorial. Super easy and I loved how they turned out.

I think that I want my next project to be a quilt. I love this online tutorial were it shows you step by step instructions. Yay for being domestic and stuff!

4 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

cute! did I mention I have an announcement?


Judi Judkins said...

I admire your ambition to try new things. I thought about making a quilt, too, but haven't started yet. I really like how the appliques turned out, too.

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Layla! You could totally sell these on etsy or in a little shop in Seattle - so eep sewing! That's so cool. I wish I could sew!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I'm so impressed with you!

And wowed that my tutorial helped!