Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy List- Lucy van Pelt

* cool breezes on a warm day
* feeling really strong
* the last few minutes of the day lying in bed with the DH and talking (or listening to him snore)
* clean sheets on the bed, especially when they're just a little warm from the dryer
* chocolate
* fresh cut flowers for no reason
* watching antiques roadshow with the DH
* sleeping in
* road trips
* lavender
* vanilla ice cream
* no socks
* trips to boise
* new clothes (especially when I have to buy a size smaller than I thought)
* cute squishy babies
* purses
* going out to dinner
* clean house
* shoes
* teaching the youth sunday school class
* singing, especially to oldies in the car with the DH
* long hot shower after a killer workout
* reading great blog posts

Everything about Lucy van Pelt screams classy! I admire her sense of style, strength, and personality. She and her DH have become such great friends to the hubs and I and we love love to hang out with them. She is currently training for a triathlon and blows me away with how incredibly determined and hard working she is to reach that goal. She has been such an inspiration to me to work harder on the things that intimidate me and be the best that I can be!

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Diana said...

And this woman is HOT!