Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy List-Holli

My best friend, who is also my husband
My two beautiful daughters
Baby smiles and giggles
Strawberry creme chocolates
Going to the temple
Driving with all the windows open, country music cranked loud on a sunny day
Decorating my house
Relaxing in my hammock
Spending a day away with my family
Seeing my husband playing with our daughters
The Rain
Baking cookies with my husband after the girls go to bed
Doing something people said I couldn't do (i.e. hiking the grand canyon)
Yard Work
When my husband is actually home for a holiday
Watching the colorful birds on my bird-feeder in the backyard
Hot Rods

Holli and I worked together when we were serving in Primary. The kids she taught adored her and I can see why they did! She is adventurous, fun, and is not scared to take on challenges. Holli is a military wife and the mother of two spunky little girls.
P.S. Holli, you can come do my yard work anytime!

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