Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy List-Kelly

  1. having my ideal husband
  2. planting/ weeding my garden/eating vegetables from my garden (I was gardening today- can you tell?)
  3. cooking/cooking for someone other than myself
  4. bread and cheese
  5. dark chocolate
  6. Irish dancing
  7. exercising
  8. the ways people speak English
  9. classical music
  10. other Latin dance music and classic rock
  11. sunshine
  12. a long week at the beach with my family
  13. Italy
  14. being with my best friends who live so far away
  15. singing
  16. books, especially whichever one I happen to be reading
  17. being a listening ear for someone who needs one
  18. foreign languages
  19. long haired medium sized dogs called Australian Shepherds
  20. when my students tell me I helped them learn something
  21. chacos/ converses/ flip flops
  22. exploring a new place
  23. having a weekend with absolutely nothing planned
  24. frilly shirt + cardigan + scarf + boots
  25. hiking
  26. talking to my mom
I'm not sure when to stop...

I heart this lovely lady! I meet her in Arabic 101 and instantly knew that I needed her to be my BFF! (Does anyone still use that term?) She helped me pick out my wedding dress, we made baklava together for the first time, and she was there for my sealing. Kelly really is an incredible gal and I am lucky to call her one of my friends!

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