Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy List-Diana

•Writing in my journal
•Patriarchal blessings
•A patient husband. Oh, he's so patient with me.
•Watching Survivor with Richard
•Michael-everything about him from his head to little toes
•Having a cute hair-do
•Getting the mail! Especially when there's something exciting in it!
•Going shopping without money stress
•Making new friends
•Putting a smile on another's face
•Couponing & finding thrifty deals
•Back massages
•Inspiring others to keep a journal
•Sending cards or letters
•Having a clean kitchen
•Being able to provide for my family
And finally...
•Being potty-trained! Can you imagine if I wasn't? What a horrible thought.

Diana is such a spaz! She constantly cracks me up with her random thoughts and the comments that she leaves on my blog (go here for an example). Diana is a fun carefree gal who is a mom to a little guy that is just as fun and care free as she is. She is also an incredibly hard worker and puts 110% into everything that she does!
P.S. Diana also wanted everyone to know that she loves large bodies of water and country music.

1 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

Haha. You added those two to my list. You goof.

And PS--that comment was a pretty good one, eh?