Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confessions of a Black Haired Housewife

Yikes! I just called myself a housewife. Blah. Must do something about that soon.

I have some confessions. I know, some juicy news. I must confess that I have been busy being obsessed with the following items:

****I spent all day last Friday reading her love story. I don't know what's wrong with me when it comes to mushy love stories. First it was this, then this, and now I am waiting DAILY for her to complete her story. Seriously people. Why am I so addicted? I mean, I had a pretty rocking love story myself. 

****I've gone nuts over leggings. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would wear leggings/tights. I've probably worn them everyday last week. AHHH! Honestly, I was SOO against them, but once I tried it out, I was hooked. I won't be wearing them with mini dresses or mini skirts, but with ones that hit the knee. Besides, Seattle is still a bit cold. Ohhh and does anyone know where I can get some cropped brown leggings? I got my black ones at H&M, but they don't carry brown ones. Bummer. 

****We went car shopping a couple of weekends back and ever since then I can't stop thinking about cars. Especially the Honda CRV and the Toyota Rav4. I'm not even joking, when I see one on the streets I completely lose focus and stare. I haven't decided which one I like the best though. Brock thinks I still need to test drive a Jetta before I make a final decision. 

****I have a serious addiction that started before we left California. Sigh. Hi, I'm Layla and I am addicted to frozen yogurt. Here is the problem though, so far frozen yogurt in Seattle SUCKS! So all you peeps that live in Seattle who also share my addiction, suggestions please?

****I hate video games. I was really proud of that too. Wore it as a badge of honor or something like that.  Recently, I began to cheat myself of that honor. You see Brock introduced me to Super Mario Galaxy and I can not stop playing. I have to get one more star, I must beat this galaxy, I promise I will come to bed soon. And then before I know it, it's two in the morning and everyone is sound asleep but me. I head to bed and then I dream about the freakin game. Have I become a gamer? 

****I more than love Chuck. Last night's episode rocked my world. If that show does not come back next season I will be one ticked off lady. 

****So this is more of a confession than an obsession. You see, my birthday is coming up, and it's on a Sunday. AND I am ticked off. For two reasons. One, it's on a Sunday. Two, it's on Mothers Day. AHHHHH SO STINKIN LAME! My parents should have planned this out better. Wouldn't they know how awful it would be for me? 

6 Grass Lovers:

Amie said...

I spent way too much time at "work" reading about Ree and Marlboro Man...and can I just say I want him? Please?

Margaret Proffitt said...

Oh man, I love the pioneer woman! Love her photography, never read the love story but now I think I will.

Diana said...

You could try to make a baby on Mother's day--then it'd be like two parties in one!

Nancy said...

Is it just me, or does Diana ever shock anyone else? :) So funny, Diana.

I must remind Andrew that it is Mother's day since he neglected to celebrate the Egyptian mother's day. Slacker.

I think leggings are cute--I don't own a pair--but I have to agree with you about the mini-skirt thing. It really bothers me when people use leggings as an excuse to be immodest--like on BYU campus. I don't think leggings and mini-skirts should be allowed because in my opinion leggings are akin to nylons and I don't think a mini-skirt with nylons meets the honor code, either.

Anyway, have you tried looking for brown leggings online?

Livi said...

Hope you had a good bday!

-G said...



I just.. i get soo.. i can't talk when I think about it...

Did you watch season 1 too!?! OMG!!! that kiss... was soooo.. amazing.... it just.. god.. I .. chuck and sarah 4vr... I .. chucK!!!!

Seriously though, I have been in love with that show since day one. If it gets canceled, someone over at NBC is going to die. People JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!