Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy List- Amie

-going to Target just because
-curling up with a good book
-watching/listening to a thunderstorm
-toaster strudels
-orbit sweet mint gum
-now & laters
-my Goddaughter
-seeing a Tweet with my name in it
-being outside right as it gets dark
-riding 4-wheelers
-going out to eat with friends
-any time spent with friends
-annual girls trip to Natchez for the hot air balloon races
-my ipod.
-cross stitching
-getting into bed with clean sheets
-Italian food
-any movie with Sandra Bullock
-meeting online friends in real life
-being a geek
-baby lotion
-dressing up
-finding old friends and getting to re-know them
-my camera
-girl talk
-coming home to a clean house

Amie and I went to High School together in the good ole South. She is an awesome photographer and is currently embarking on a new adventure called graduate school. Amie is a sucker for little tots and one day herself will be an awesome mom!

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