Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy List-Natalie

1.      Being married to the best man on the planet.
2.      Skirts and dresses
3.      Mint chocolate chip ice cream (even though I’m supposed to be dairy
free. Whoops)
4.      A Saturday with nothing on the agenda
5.      Or, a Saturday with fun things on the agenda
6.      Getting dressed up and going out
7.      Stationary
8.      Blogging. Unoriginal but it does.
9.      Spicy chipotle mayonnaise
10.     Reading
11.     Teaching a lesson in church and feeling like I connected with the teenagers
12.     Deep-fried anything (of course you know that Layla)
13.     Bubble baths. Oh yes.
14.     Scoring something original and cheap on Craigslist or at a thrift store
15.     Waking up every morning to breakfast made by husband.
16.     Traveling and seeing new places
17.     Having a treat of any sort. I love treats.
18.     Certificates. Or awards. I joke that I’m only getting my MBA for the hood.
19.     Trying new things
20.     My puppy.

I just love this girl! She is smart, funny, and has a heart of gold! I had the best time when she came over to visit my lovely city and she stayed with me. Natalie is definitely a sucker for deep-fried anything! I've never known anyone who can down so much deep fried stuff. If you are ever on the look out for an awesome blog to read, you should definitely check out hers! You won't be disappointed.

2 Grass Lovers:

Diana said...

Dear Layla, I think I'm the #1 commenter on your blog.

i <3 comments too. So, you're welcome.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

So happy! I adore you!