Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pure Love

 This year instead of spending crazy amounts of money on each other, the cute boy and I found other delightful ways to celebrate the day of love.

We didn't spend a single dime on each other. Instead we made heart shaped sugar cookies and came up with a list of people to give those treats to.

Our first stop was our downstairs neighbor who we had just meet in the elevator the night before. He is an older gentleman and he was carrying a single rose with him. I asked him about the rose, and he told me that he bought it for his wife to put on her grave. You could see the sadness in his eyes. It broke my heart. Brock and I made him a small plate of our treats and left it at his doorstep with a note that said from your neighbors. I hope that it makes his bitter sweet day a little sweeter.

Our next stop was a little old lady in our ward. I adore her, she always goes out of her way to talk to me. We dropped by and she was so delighted that we thought of her. She teared up a bit and told us that her Valentine had died 28 years ago but when he was alive he would go all out for her. She clearly missed him. She also thinks that my husband is dashing. hehe

And down the list we went. Most of the people on the list we had never meet before, all referrals that came from the missionaries. We meet all kinds of people from different walks of life. It was an incredible experience. It was the best Valentine's Day I have yet to have!

I'm grateful that I married a guy who loves me like crazy and who goes along with my crazy ideas. He really is the best! Oh and what an incredible way to celebrate 5.5 years of marriage today! Where did all the time go?

8 Grass Lovers:

Nancy said...

Layla, you're amazing! I hope that when I'm lonely I have someone like you in my life.

Happy Valentine's Day and half-anniversary!

ixoj said...

That sounds like loads of fun. How very thoughtful.

Myrna said...

Fabulous way to spend valentine's day!

Wesley Thomas said...

you guys inspire me! :) thanks

Bronwyn James said...

I love this idea! A true way to celebrate the day of love.

summerbummer said...

THANK you for letting me know Peter Jennings is dead. LOL... I knew it was SOMEONE news-ish. Brian Williams, it was! As soon as you said that, I knew it sounded right!

Your valentine's day story is really touching... Layla, the world is a better place because people like you are in it :)

Leslie said...

What a sweet idea! I totally want to do that someday. You are so thoughtful.

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Sometimes those are the best days -no cost, just love! =)