Monday, October 05, 2009

Click Away!

General Conference this past weekend was incredible. Lots of talks on love.

Love music? Then you will love this project. I spent a good thirty minutes playing around with it.

I  made these cupcakes on Saturday. They were so yummy! My frosting didn't turn out right though. Help? Emily I'm looking at you.

Personas is data mining at it's finest. My husband thought it was cool and he did data mining as a living. You plug in your name and it shows you how the internet sees you. I plugged in everyone's name that I could think of. Thanks Natalie for the fun times.

For date night we went to Delancey, a new trendy pizza place in Ballard. The restaurant is warm and cozy and served up the most divine pizza I have ever tasted. We got a burrata and two pizzas. The fennel sausage was so simple and so yummy. The other pizza consisted of mushrooms, onions, and thick pieces of rustic bacon (I think it was bacon?).  It was such a lovely meal.

I love that Shabby Apple is doing a fitness clothing line.

This video made me giggle. I really need to work on how I speak. I tend to use the word like a lot.

2 Grass Lovers:

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

was you cream cheese or butter exactly at room temp or softer? was it runny frosting or what?

Anna said...

Hey Layla, it's Anna from Mountainwood, how's it going? I found your blog through Emily's blog. Fun that we can reconnect a little through blogs!