Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are Seeing a Therapist.

OK, well not really. I signed up for this course called Bringing Baby Home and it is taught by a therapist that attends our ward.

When I told my husband that I signed us up for it he wrote in all caps on the back of the sacrament meeting program "WHY? YOU ARE NOT EVEN  PREGNANT?!" and I wrote back in caps "UMM BECAUSE IT'S FREE AND IT IS TAUGHT BY A THERAPIST AND I NEED A THERAPIST IN MY LIFE!"

So we went and were blown away at how brilliant the course is. Granted it is designed to teach you how to be a parent but I have learned so much more about marriage than I have about parenthood. I've learned that my husband and I have a pretty solid foundation. We did these activities (the course calls them love mapping) to better understand our marriage by asking questions like "What happens if your child leaves your religion?" or  "What's your biggest fears?" and guess what peeps, we have each other covered. With every question, we knew how the other would answer it. I was so impressed with ourselves.

I've learned that there are certain elements that he wants to incorporate in the way that we raise our children that are important to him. Things that I had no idea about. Elements that totally blow me away and I am behind him 100%. Our future children are so dang lucky to have him as a dad. He plays the bass for crying out loud :)

We will continue on this course for the next 3 weeks. I'm sure I will learn more about actually being a mom and maybe even swaddle a baby. I told you I am preparing like a pro. In reality children might not come into our lives for a good while, but it doesn't hurt to prepare any ways right?

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Christine said...

Good for you Layla! If more people prepared like you do, there wouldn't be so many sad kids in this world.