Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maui Recap

Um, I'm a loser. I know I have been back from Hawaii for what, like a month now, and still haven't blogged all about it. Well cut me some slack here I am LAZY. pshhhhhh

Day 3

We woke up super early and drove to South Maui to snorkel. Well it was rainy and the location we wanted to go to was closed but we found another spot and snorkeled away. That is until I got slammed into a massive rock by the waves and I swam right out as fast as I got in. So I sat on a rock in the rain and watched Brock snorkel.

I look so ridiculous! Hehe I love it!

We learned a little island wisdom that Winter would have been a better time to snorkel there, so we headed back West to Ka'anapali Beach.

All I really wanted to see was a sea turtle and boy did I. He was hanging out near a rock not even ten feet away from the shoreline. He was massive... probably 100+ pounds! There was another little guy hanging out with him, so when I saw him, I thought that he was the turtle that everyone on the beach was chatting up about. Turns out I was wrong, it was the massive dude. After seeing the little turtle, I turned around to swim back and I almost literally swam into the big one. It was out of this world. I still can't get over how cool it was. My only regret is that we didn't have a waterproof camera to take a picture. Maybe next time?

Day 4

We woke up early to make the two hour drive to Haleakala to see the sunrise from the summit. I was pretty stoked about this, so getting up at 1:30 a.m. was not that big of a deal to me. Upcountry Maui is really so much different than any other parts of the island. There were cows everywhere on the way up. I seriously thought I was seeing things when I saw a cow chomping away at some grass at two in the morning on the side of a mountain. It was so bizarre.

We reached the summit around 4 a.m. and we waited it out for the sunrise. It was freezing cold up there and we were dressed like we were at a ski resort instead of a tropical island. Around 5:45 the summit got crowded and tons of people gathered around together in the freezing cold to see what is known as the best sunrise on Maui. It was way too foggy and all we got was a golden circle among thick clouds and fog. I was a little disappointed but it was still a pretty cool sight.

Our sunrise
We made our way back to the resort and stopped at McDonalds where Brock ate the local breakfast of spam, Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice and I had an egg McMuffin. I don't do spam.

That night we went to the Old Lahaina Luau where we ate amazing food (the ahi tuna was out of this world) and watched a fantastic hula. The Old Lahaina Luau is a traditional Hawaiian luau where they only focus on the legends of the Hawaiian islands. It was really fascinating to learn about Hawaiian mythology through dance and chants. The luau was held right on the beach so we were treated to a spectacular sunset. It was the best one I had seen since I had been there.


Day 5 

We drove to Hana. It was so brilliant and because of that, it will get it's very own post soon.

Day 6

On our last day in Maui, we couldn't do much on the beach because we had to be out of out room by 11 a.m. We mostly did some shopping and killing time until we had to leave. It really was a shame that we didn't do more because we seriously had a whole day there-our flight left at 8:45 p.m.

While waiting it out we ate some shaved ice and some yummy banana bread.  I now crave shaved ice all the time. It was so yummy-coconut ice cream on the bottom with a mound of flavored ice on top. The shaved ice was so fluffy, like nothing I have had before.

Ohhh Maui, I miss you! Can I please go back?

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Lindsey Walker said...

I didn't know you had blog!!! I am so glad you found me so we can keep more in touch. Thanks for your sweet comment. I still need to call you, this month has been crazy.

Mel said...

don't you love sea turtles?! they are awesome!

Bronwyn James said...

Girl, I don't do spam either.

You trip looks so fantastic!

Morgan said...

Lucky woman! I love Hawaii but haven't been in years. Looked amazing!