Monday, September 14, 2009


Fall is in the air here in Seattle and you know what that means? Jackets

I love jackets more than chocolate. Every year when the heat of the summer is blazing down on me (not really) I CAN NOT WAIT until Fall. Then Fall comes and the trees turn every bright shade of orange and red and I am continent with the world again.

I have a whole closet full of beautiful outerwear that make me swoon every time I see them.

Every year I am compelled to add more beauties to my collection. Here are a few that I am currently crushin' on...

L'Amour Coat. Downeast Basics. $44.99
Love the ruffled collar. I think this one might become a soon to be purchase and wearing it in our portraits that we are having done soon. 

 Anka Jacket. Anthropologie, $118
My favorite. I am in love with the color and the bow. 
Curtsy Coat. Downeast Basics. $39.99
The perfect looking Seattle jacket.
Love the sleeves. Love the price.
Sunlit Grove Coat. Anthropologie, $528.
Love everything about this coat. I mean LOOK at those buttons! It makes me giddy. The price is out of this world and when I become rich and famous (or not) I will have this coat in my closet to stare at. 

5 Grass Lovers:

Amie said...

Oh you make me long for the Seattle weather!! We went last July and it was just perfect!! So jealous :)

ixoj said...

It's really not healthy for me to look at such fantastic items that really do belong in my wardrobe. Especially the ones that say Anthropologie on them. (sigh) Maybe one day...

Deanna said...

I totally understand. I adore jackets too! Especially long ones. My next jacket purchase will be a long, red peacoat. It's just too bad that I don't like cold weather all that much. Can't wait to see your pics :)

Unknown said...

Love all the jackets. I wish Anthropology were more affordable. I love down East Basics, and their prices!

Have a great day.

Gabrielle Valentine said...

That is a beautiful coat! I love the color. Perhaps I should pick one of these up for the airport, then. It's bright enough.
I like the ruffle trends this season too. That pink one is great as well. (they're all nice!)