Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wanna Know Where My Mind Has Been for the Last Couple of Weeks?

On Paris of course. I can't stop thinking about it. In little over a month I'm gonna be in Paris. That's like the expiration date on the eggs in my fridge.

Ahh Paris. Ahh Paris! Ahh London! Did I forget to mention London? Yes London. And maybe Ireland or Italy.

So here's how I got the idea to go to Paris. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be so lucky.

My friend moved to Paris and invited me to come stay with her. I checked on flights and the going rate from Seattle was $500.
How could I NOT go?

But then I started to think. Brock wasn't going to come with me and that kinda bummed me out. That and tons of little voices telling me how ridiculous I was for traveling with out my husband. I'M SUCH A FEMINIST! Pshhh why do I let people get to me so much? Cause I'm Layla and I'm a people pleaser.

So I decided NOT to go. And then I read this blog and saw these pictures and oh man oh man.

I called my dad, asked him what to do. And because I'm the ornery daughter I am, I decided before hand that I was going to do the opposite of what he told me. Cause well that's how our relationship has always been like.

He told me not to go. I hung up with him and instantly bought the tickets. Sorry dad. I know I am so stubborn. I can't help it that my maiden name literally means "the camel" in Arabic. You know camels are stubborn. IT'S MY MAIDEN NAMES FAULT THAT I AM SO STUBBORN.

I'm bummed that Brock isn't going to be with me but I'm going to be OK. I'm so excited to explore places I have only dreamed of going on my own. Mainly to get my own opinions and feelings for them. AND then one day, I'll take him with me and show him all the things that I fell in love with.

Apparently Paris is for lovers.

8 Grass Lovers:

Bronwyn James said...

Wow, so fun! We are going in a few months. Too bad we'll miss each other! Wanna take a detour to Tunisia before you go home? I can't believe tickets from Seattle are $500. That's crazy cheap! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Paris sounds amazing! I took French all through junior high and high school, and the classes were just as much about the culture of France as they were the language. I also have friends from France who go back every summer and their pictures make me so envious. I'd love to go someday. Have a great time!

Deanna said...

I don't think you're a feminist because you're going to Paris alone. I think it's great you got such a good deal on a ticket! I'm sure you'll have a blast. And I'd recommend going to Italy too if you have the time/money :)

ixoj said...

I'm so glad you're going! So now, let's here your plans- how long are you going to be there and are you really going to make it to Ireland?

Brock said...

In the meantime maybe you could learn some French?

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

So fun! I would totally go.

jasmine said...

i am so jealous!! you definitely made the right decision. it will be sad to be there without him, but it's paris! how could you not go? good for you!!

Nicci said...

Okay, so I read this after - Brock isn't going. But he's a jet-setter, too having gone to Hawaii at least. It sounds so fun - I'd love Paris and London. I'm glad you are going, especially with tickets so cheap! Take tons of pictures!