Sunday, August 30, 2009

To Create

The other day was one of those intense being really hard on myself kinda day. I look at my life sometimes and I have an anxiety attack because I haven't accomplished half the thing on my must do, create, learn list and I worry that I won't. Brock tells me that I still have a whole life time ahead of me to live out those things and besides I'm just 25.

But sometimes I need a reminder. Something to let me now that just because I'm not using that degree that I worked really hard to get or that just because I really don't have a fantastic artsy talent or just because I'm not a mother doesn't really mean that I have completely failed. This message is exactly what I needed.

Thanks Mrs. Natalie, it made my really hard on myself day go right out the window.

5 Grass Lovers:

Sonja said...

Love this too.

Really. A lot.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

So happy that it could help you, I think I've watched it several times already

Michael Family said...

Hearkening back to your last post....maybe you are feeling the need to "create" kids?? Obviously this is a very personal and deep decision, but that longing to create or to achieve is very real, and can be fulfilled through motherhood. Just a thought to ponder.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing that. I needed that today.

Wesley Thomas said...

i saw this message last year at a YSA convention in Manchester, its my favourite! since watching it ive been so much more creative, i love how it makes me think that ALL of us in a small way can make the world a more beautiful place!
Glad it lifted your spirits Layla :)