Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes I Just Laugh at Myself

Remember that secret I shared with you? That I am afraid to drive on the Interstate? Well that fear is so beyond ridiculous.

You see, I had only driven on the Interstate that runs through Seattle twice and it totally freaked me out because it has up to eight lanes of traffic and I was with my husband who was convinced that I was going to kill him. No lie.  It is a little overwhelming if you come from a town where the Interstate has only two lanes.

Last Friday I had to buckle down and over come my fear. I had the privilege to pick up the lovely Gabby who writes for The InMOMniac from the airport. The airport is 20 miles south of us and I had two options to get there: take the back roads or take the Interstate. Wanna guess which I decided to take?

I took the back roads and I got so dang lost in the middle of industrial Georgetown. When I saw a sign pointing towards I-5, I figured this was my chance to get over my fear once and for all.

So I started to merge onto the Interstate and once I realized that I was actually driving on the Interstate and that I was not going to kill any one, I did a little victory shout and congratulated myself for my awesomeness. You should have been there.

And I returned to Seattle on the Interstate. It was brilliant. I drove on the Interstate like I had been driving on it for years.

I'm on a roll people, what should I do next? Maybe dive off of the high board?

5 Grass Lovers:

Brock said...

And I am laughing at, I mean, with you :)

Bronwyn James said...

Well if you're going for totally daring, I'd say eat a caterpillar or something. I'll send you $1 if you do it!

Nancy said...

I'm not laughing. I think you're very brave. :)

I've never driven on the interstate and I've never dived off the high dive. I'm not sure which I'd rather do first!

Nicci said...

You did fabulously! You even talked and conversed WHILE DRIVING ON THE INTERSTATE! It was great!
Thank you again for the ride and I am so happy we met in person! Yay!!!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Fun to meet an Internet friend in real life! I read the InMomniac too! Awesome! And your blog of course!