Monday, September 07, 2009


I hate Chinese food. Really hate it.

On a good day I get up around 11 a.m. I usually don't get showered and dressed until around 4 p.m.

I took piano lessons as a kid and my teacher told me to pick up another instrument.

I decided to become a democrat when I was attending BYU.

I hate taking medicine and I have a pretty high pain tolerance level. When I have kids I want to do it without being drugged up. If my momma, my granny and my sister can do it, I'd like to think I can do it too (In all honesty I might chicken out and beg for all the drugs that they got).

I once wrote an entire research paper by only using Wikipedia. I got an A on that paper.

The only person who can talk any sense into me and calm me the heck down is my brother. He is one of my favorites. I hope that he dates/marries a rad girl so she can be my favorite too.

I once punched someone on accident in the face. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had.

I have a niece. The last time I saw her she was two. She is now six years old.

I wish I had a better relationship with my sister. I need to work on that.

When I went to the Middle East two summers ago, I almost got my nose pierced.

I want a job where I am required to carry a gun. I have no idea why.

I want to be a spy.

I bought my wedding dress two months before I was engaged.

I didn't speak to my dad for two years.

I was way too young when I got married.

I'm scared to drive on the Interstate.

I want a tattoo but I know I will never get one.


6 Grass Lovers:

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Those are great secrets!!! My fav:
"On a good day I get up around 11 a.m. I usually don't get showered and dressed until around 4 p.m."
can I just confess - I relate to this. With two kids, I rarely do anything before about 4pm.
Wikipedia is hella fly for research papers. You can totally BS your way through them.

Diana said...

My only question with Wiki is how do you cite your source? My teachers would never let all my sources fly from one place.

And..that's all, for now.

Layla said...

I used the sources from the bottom of the Wiki pages.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

You are so incredible. I love your secrets. Fab. Wiki is awesome. I love that you stick to your convictions, i.e. with family too.

kadler said...

This is such a crazy list! How do you get away with waking up so late??

Katie M said...

Hey thanks for your comment!

I loved this list. When I was unemployed this summer I had 11 am wakeups constantly, it was awesome.

And I too got married way too young. But I'm happy nevertheless. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!