Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Dude let me just say I love gossip. I especially love community gossip.

Want to know what my favorite local blog is? My Ballard.

They have got this tiny neighborhood covered when it comes to the juicy stuff.

I love that they care so much about each other and the community that they have a blog completely dedicated to it.

Want to know why traffic was all backed up on the bridge on Thursday night? Let me see here...It's because a couple of idiots jumped off the bridge and they had search and rescue looking for them.


Why are there huge orange spray painted circles on the grass near 14th ave? That's right, someone circled dog poop and reminded our fellow dog walkers to pick up their poop.

There was a helicopter circling our building and street at around midnight the other night. Of course we went to My Ballard for details. Why wouldn't we? Turns out they were looking for a runaway. NOW THAT IS HARDCORE! People were out helping and doing everything possible to get this girl back home. And they did. This is exactly why I love Ballard!

They have other stuff too, like local BBQ info's and football season information. OH and that Tobey Maguire movie that is being filmed at our local elementary school. Apparently it has to do with a raccoon infestation, a headline that has already been covered on the blog.

You better believe that I follow them on twitter and subscribe to their blog feed.

3 Grass Lovers:

kadler said...

That's hilarious! I totally wish my neighborhood had one :)

Diana said...

When do you draw the line from gossip to news? Because, i looked through the site. I like that it focused only on our neighborhood, but it seemed a lot like news to me.

Or maybe the news is just dramatized gossip?

And how does the Tuesdays in Ballard thing work? Obviously it's over now, but it seemed like you had to search for these tags for a discount, instead of just showing up for a discount, correct? Did you participate?

gabriellevalentine said...

I would so totally move to Ballard! My mom grew up there. My grandma still lives there!