Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Miss Doree

Doree is the red head. See I told you she is awesome! Can't you tell by the picture?

I meet Doree in Seattle. She was in my ward and I loved her instantly. She is one crazy lady who seriously will go far and beyond to help you in whatever you need. She mowed our lawn in Seattle while we didn't have renters. AND she was pregnant. She said it was good exercise or something like that. =)

Doree loves the gospel and she lives it. She is kind to those in need and will love you no matter what, even if she doesn't agree with you. Today I talked to her and she told me that she saw some protesters at the temple in Seattle. Doree told me that if she had been driving, she would have pulled over and would have given them all hugs and told them that she loved them even if she didn't agree with them. She just loves to love. I've never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone. Seriously. She lives the perfect example of a life that our Savior would want us to live.

She also knows how to have a ton of fun. Every time she is around I laugh and laugh. She makes me feel good about myself. I'm sure she makes alot of people feel the same way. She's brilliant.

If you don't know Doree, you are missing out. Life seems to be alot more interesting with her in it...

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