Thursday, October 30, 2008

L is for Lake Crescent

Once again, another post from our Seattle trip. Everyone should visit Washington at least once. Really. But it might not be for everyone. Just saying.
For L, we went to Lake Crescent. Lake Crescent is in between Port Angeles and Forks, WA. It's a glacier formed lake and is also one of the deepest lake in the state of Washington. It's crystal clear and is known for its brilliant blue shades.
It was a pleasure to drive next to it on our way to Forks. It made me want to make that drive every day. Oh those lucky commuters!
We stopped to take pictures and walk around. So did a large truck of teenage boys. They snuck behind a tree and I'm pretty sure I know what they were up to since there were no rest areas for miles and miles. Once I figured this out, I went back to the car ASAP until they left.
I really enjoyed walking around the lake and looking in to the crystal clear waters. The shades of blue were amazing and I could even see little fishies swim up to the rocks. It was a beautiful sight!

1 Grass Lovers:

Sonja said...

Lake Crescent is one of my favorite places! Infact, it qualifies as one of my "happy places." We've camped there a few times (in cabins...very nice). Those are great pictures Layla!