Saturday, July 26, 2008

Because Life is Like That

Twenty years ago I . . .

1) welcomed my cute little brother into my life.

2) was drinking lemonade with my granny on her front porch.

3) rode an elephant at the zoo.

Ten years ago I . . .

1) had my first kiss. I know, I was pretty young.

2) meet Brock. I never thought I would be married to him.

3) moved to a new city.

Five years ago I . . .

1) lived a thousand miles away from home.

2) took dance lessons.

3) went to Las Vegas for the first time.

Three years ago I . . .

1) had been married to Brock for one year.

2) was about to start my senior year at BYU.

3) got called into the Young Women's Presidency

One year ago I . . .

1) moved to Seattle.

2) bought my first house.

3) went back to the Middle East for the first time in 11 years.

So far this year I have . . .

1) turned 24.

2) moved to California.

3) made more crafts than I have ever done before.

Yesterday, I . . .

1) ate sushi.

2) went to the pool and got a sunburn.

3) started reading a new book.

Today I . . .

1) bought Brock's birthday gift.

2) went to Barnes and Noble and made a mental list of books that I want to read soon.

3) watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.

Tomorrow I will . . .

1) go to Weight Watchers and hopefully be ok with my weigh in.

2) go to the San Francisco Stake picnic celebration.

3) unpack some more boxes.

In the next year, I may . . .

1) get a job that I love.

2) go on a fabulous trip.

3) get the guts to get pregnant. (don't cross your fingers on this one, I might change my mind!)

5 Grass Lovers:

Sharon Beesley said...

i just read through july 3rd of your blog. i love stalking people's lives with all my heart. it satifies all my needs to be nosy. if you love stanford's campus, we should take a class together in the fall. i love the campus too. glad you moved into the ward.

Michael Family said...

so 10 years ago you met Brock and had your first kiss....but was your first kiss Brock? :)

Diana said...

Too late. My fingers are already crossed.

PS I like how you labeled this post "Boredom"

Amie said...

hey layla! I got your site off your facebook page. i think you'd be adorable pregnant! :) looking forward to catching up on your posts!!

Nancy said...

I just got some cute little Arabic books for Rachel (and, let's be honest...they're for me, too. My Arabic is pathetic. I need a good alphabet book) on Amazon.

Just so you're aware. Since you're thinking about having kids someday...

And, I'm with Amie. You look adorable like all the time, you're bound to look adorable pregnant, too!

If only I had your fashion sense. :)