Monday, July 28, 2008

Santa Cruz

Brock and I went to Santa Cruz for some boardwalk fun. We rode some rides that I normally would NOT ride. I was trying to impress Brock. Yes, after 4 years and I am still trying to impress him. Now that is a crazy idea. I screamed really loud and prayed that it would be over soon. That was seriously the longest couple of minutes of my life. On the bright side, the views were amazing!

3 Grass Lovers:

Anonymous said...
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ixoj said...

Are you afraid of heights? Or you just don't like roller coasters? Props to you for riding on them anyway! And the beach looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

my favorite rollarcoster of all time is the big dipper. it's been too long since i've been on it. it seems like you are really livin it up in n. california. what's your next adventure going to be?