Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A is for Amazon Party

For 2008 Brock and I decided to have an awesome adventure. For ever letter of the alphabet, we would do an activity. The more extreme the activity, the better. So for A we went to the Amazon Post Holiday Party. Every year Amazon.com has a rocking party. This year they had the party at the Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum.

The Party was fantastic. They had tons of yummy food and lots of activities. Activities that included playing rock band, watching drunk people sing karaoke, and exploring the museum. My two favorite high lites of the night were seeing this and hearing the Presidents of the United States of America.
They rocked out on some of their old stuff and even introduced some of their new songs. The crowed really got into it and I thought it was really funny to see my manager jump up and down to their music.
On our way to our car, Brock and I discussed the night and how much we liked the nights performance. As we wait to cross the street, it turns out that the lead singer of the band was right behind us. He even parked a couple of cars away from us. We thanked him for the performance and he was really laid back and very friendly.

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Nancy said...

What a fun idea :)