Tuesday, February 26, 2008

B is for Bowling

For B, Brock and I went bowling. It was a Wednesday night and hardly anyone was there. The last time we attempted this, there was a three hour wait. We ditched that idea and went and played games instead.
This was the first time Brock and I went bowling together. Needless to say we are both horrible bowlers and need to practice. At least it seems to be easy on the Wii...
After bowling we headed to Red Robin and had some burgers. We are still looking for a replacement for Burger Supreme. Ahh those are some amazing burgers!

1 Grass Lovers:

Nancy said...

I stink at bowling as well--I get excited when I break 70!

Do you have a Wii? I think they're so fun. My sister has one...man alive, I was sore fore days after playing!