Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Live in Seattle

So we have been in Seattle for almost six months and I LOVE it. Seattle is very refreshing and at the same time over whelming. Brock and I have experienced lots of changes since we have moved up here and let me tell you it definitely has been an experience.
We bought our first house. I think it is fantastic. It is very old but has lots of character. Original hardwood floors, crown molding, and a fantastic yard. People in our neighborhood have told us how much they envy our yard. I love being a home owner, but it comes with a lot of challenges. When we first moved in we had an on going battle with ants. They literally took over. Finally about a month of trying every method we could think of we found this product that in the description said "it is like crack for ants." So we bought it and it worked like a charm. No more ants. Then came the moss. Seattle homes have issues with moss on the rooftops and it is a pain to deal with.Last weekend Brock climbed on top of the roof and dumped two huge bags of baking soda to kill the moss. I was very proud of him because he is terrified of heights. After we were done it looked like it had snow on our roof top. Hopefully we can get rid of the moss soon.
Along with the new house comes a new pet. I originally wanted to get a dog, but could not find one that I liked. So one day I was browsing the Humane Society website and I feel in love with this cat. She is old, obese, and has been at the shelter for a year. That was it, I had to have her. Her name is Flora and she now lives with us. I do have to say I am very fond of her, but she isn't very fond of me. She is in love with Brock and very protective of him. If she is sitting next to him on the couch, I'm not allowed to come and sit by him. She growls at me. But it is alright because she is old and fat and doesn't know any better.
Work is exhausting and rewarding. Both Brock and I work for It is a fast pace environment with lots of things to learn. They definitely believe in the motto "work hard and play hard." But all in all I enjoy it.

3 Grass Lovers:

Brock said...

Hey I live in Seattle too... maybe I know you?

Jonesy said...

We just got a cat too and it likes Jonesy more than me even though I'm the one who picked it out and rescued it. Lame cats. Now I remember why I like dogs more.

Teresa said...

You have been tagged, read my blog for instructions.