Sunday, November 11, 2007

Flora Da Explorer

We have a cat and I think she is fabulous. She has lots of character and is very entertaining. She lived at the Seattle Humane Society for a year and no one really wanted to take her home. She is ten years old and is over weight. Here are some of our favorites of her.

Here she is playing with some yarn. This is on the second day at our house. Can you tell how fat she is?

She LOVES this chair. If any one else is sitting on it and she wants to sit there, she will whine until you get up. There is no sharing the chair with her.

One day we came home from work and could not find her any where. We found her under the covers. Some how she managed to crawl herself under the covers of our made up bed.

She has a hard time cleaning herself, so this is her solution. She licks her paws and then continues with her business.

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